We do everything, every day, every time of our precious life in the race to remain happy!

Whatever — From getting up in the morning, until we hit the bed or even after that; all our actions are towards getting higher happiness!

However, the definition of individual’s happiness is majorly relative! Derived out of comparison with others around. That is all!

Yes, “Happiness is relative” — Theory of relativity for happiness.

For example, if someone who walk daily to a destination observes a man going to same destination on a bicycle feels that he must be happier than he is. The person on the bicycle would wish “if he had a motorbike”, and feels the person on motorbike is happier than he is. The guy on motorbike may feel that one in car is happier, the guy in car feels the one with better car is happier, the guy with better car feels that one having own aircraft is much happier and so on.. No end!

Such comparison mostly define our happiness! Perishable and mostly never satisfying rather never ending! As it is derived out of relative comparison only. We can relate the above example with any worldly or materialistic goals — you will conclude the same!

The reason and answer is also the same — Happiness is relative! How, let us try to understand here. There are two types of happiness that we can categories majorly.

1. Temporary Happiness: The happiness that vanishes once the source of happiness gets disconnected.

1. We enjoy food only when we eat it, not the same joy two hours later.
2. We cannot keep eating our favorite food all the time, everyday.
3. We will never feel fulfilled of eating our favorite food item. It will never reduce the desire to eat.

One of the biggest happiness we define is Success! We do not enjoy success all the time. Let us try to match our individual’s moments of happiness here and try to think if it comes under any of above three mentioned points.
If it matches or connects, it is Temporary Happiness.

The Temporary happiness is dependent on five senses or Antakaran (Inner self -Mind, Intellect, consciousness and ego). Which in a way is illusion of happiness.

2. Permanent Happiness: The happiness from within.
1. The happiness that lasts for eternity.
2. The happiness that remains always with us until we die and even after that.
3. The happiness that remains even when there is no external source of happiness (not dependent on senses or antakaran or others around us).

Permanent happiness remains constant irrespective of difficulties of life. This happiness is derived from within! Well, if we are looking for higher happiness relatively; why stop at the happiness that is derived only from senses and inner self? Why not go further when we can?

Is there further level of happiness than the temporary happiness?
Yes, there is further higher happiness which we usually ignore.

The utmost conclusion and hierarchy of happiness is defined in Shloka (phrase) of katho Upanishads 3/10 & 11

The meaning: Five Sense are above five sense organs; Mind is above five senses; Buddhi (Brainpower, consciousness) is above Mind; Atma (Soul, Jiva) is above Buddhi; Aksharbraham is above Atma; Parabraham (the supreme) is above Aksharbraham. The highest eternal entity and source of happiness.

Let us try to understand this with an example: The joy of success (which is felt in the mind — inner self ) is above the happiness of five senses (happiness felt at senses — like eating mango feels good at only tongue). The happiness of getting the true wisdom (Happiness of brain / intellect — worldly and non-worldly knowledge) gives more happiness than a success (the happiness of mind). We can experience above types of happiness of senses and inner self only due to the Soul (Atma) being present within. Five senses: Ears to hear, Nose to smell, Eyes to see, Tongue to taste and Skin to feel - gives most of our day-to-day happiness; which is due to presence and power of soul to realize various types of inputs (Just like the Software works behind the Hardware).

Now imagine, how much more will be the happiness of the soul itself! Even higher, imagine the happiness of Aksharbraham & Parabraham (Supreme) within the soul! Let us understand this with an example of relative happiness of sensory happiness and happiness of the supreme : When a King plants several trees for his people to get shelter during journey in hot days (which is a kind of happiness and relief); imagine how much more happiness and luxury will be in King’s palace. It does not make the happiness of sitting under tree as “less”, but there is higher happiness in palace. So coming back to the statement — “happiness is relative!” and there is hierarchy of Happiness.

The next question you may get is how to get that higher happiness?
Well, if we want to enjoy the happiness of a car, we need to leave the bicycle. If we want to enjoy the happiness of an aircraft, we need to leave the car. In the same manner, if we want to achieve the true happiness of Soul and Supreme, we must leave the happiness of body (senses), mind and brain. If we stick to the happiness of senses and mind — we cannot go higher. It is an individuals choice.

Why should we strive for Happiness of Soul rather than of body, mind and brain? Answer to this is a question — why would someone driving a car would think of an aircraft? because happiness is relative.

So, why stop and settle at the temporary and perishable happiness? Why not go further? Especially when working towards inner happiness gives meaningful purpose of Human life!

Rising the ladder of happiness — not just outwardly, but inwardly!

The time we realize happiness of Soul and Supreme, the highest relative happiness — we can remain happy even with a bicycle or walking on the road. Indeed much happier than the person in aircraft! Then why not try it?

There is a hierarchy of happiness within us — just as if we think it is outside! Happiness is relative — the theory of relativity of happiness.

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Author: Ketul Chauhan

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