A book by Ketul Chauhan

A book by Ketul Chauhan

We do everything, every day, every time of our precious life in the race to remain happy! From waking up in the morning, to hitting the bed or even beyond, all our actions are geared towards getting higher happiness!

Would you like to live a happy life? Who doesn’t want to? We may all have a definition of happiness in our minds. At a certain period of life, let us assume our definition of happiness is to get a favorite car. A car is happiness! We buy the car and feel it for the first time by holding the steering…

Blog by Ketul Chauhan

Well.. at times I feel we all are into a wrong race and we all believe that to be true! We all think to do something new to self and world, all the time! Because we feel that’s what makes us famous or rich! We want to change things..

We all are outcome of few people deciding to change things in the past! And you know well where we all have ended up to! We want disruptive ideas to change the things as it is today! Is it really required?

We are here on Earth as…

Blog by Ketul Chauhan

Sharing my analogies on spiritual lesson learnt from the recent Chandrayan-2 mission conducted by ISRO (Indian Space and Research Organization).

Since Man saw the birds flying — we bowed a seed in our minds in the form of a desire to fly!

We being intelligent creatures, we possess the power of self-progress unlike other species and thus we succeeded to fly by inventing Aircraft! We strive to progress further and thus, we envisioned not just to limit ourselves to what Birds can do but also to go beyond. …

Our Self and Universe!

We do everything, every day, every time of our precious life in the race to remain happy!

Whatever — From getting up in the morning, until we hit the bed or even after that; all our actions are towards getting higher happiness!

However, the definition of individual’s happiness is majorly relative! Derived out of comparison with others around. That is all!

Yes, “Happiness is relative” — Theory of relativity for happiness.

For example, if someone who walk daily to a destination observes a man going to same destination on a bicycle feels that he must be happier than he is…

Save Planet by…

Go Green…

If we think that only saving papers, saving electricity, saving water, saving atmosphere is a big step in going green - then probably we should rethink! These above mentioned points don’t even harm the Nature for about 1%! Then what is the biggest contributor of green house gas? Is it a car? Aircraft? Pollution? Plastics? Cutting down tress??? If we are thinking of all these options for going green, then we have not even thought out of the box.

Ultimately, “GOING GREEN” means saving the natural resources or preserving the natural resources for future. Today, whole word…

Why No Onion No Garlic?

Ever wondered why no Onion no Garlic? Read the full article to know more on why many avoid Onion and Garlic in their diet.

FOUR reason why No Onion No Garlic:

(1) Chemical composition of Onion and Garlic

Both onion and garlic have sulphoxide, a compound that contains sulfinyl (SO) functional group attached to two carbon atoms.

In a New York Times article (The chemical weapons of Onions and Garlic), and as per blog from Goutam Paul, it is commented that onions and garlics have a lot in common with gunpowder! Both onion and garlic belong to the genus allium…

By my Guru Mahant Swami Maharaj

3 Oct 2017


Bhojan darshan karavya

Agla divse yaad karyu ke mahant swami jode je seavk hata a have nathi aavat, ane e j sanje, juna sevak swami stage par Mahant swami maharaj sathe padharya!!

5 Oct 2017


Badhani mala prasadini thati tyare mane em ke mane made?

Ane sharad punam ni sabha ma je mala karta hata, a Gunvatsal swAmi a mara mate j prasadini karava aapi. Mane sankalp thayo ke ketli mala karse i was counting.. but it was like so many mala he did I stopped counting.. not just…

22 July 2018

Jay swaminarayan !

This is absolutely unusual experience am sharing with you all! I got darshan of Shakshat Swaminarayan Bhagwan and Gunatianti swami in my dreams!

Through murtis of Sarangpur Madhya khand! OMG! This is all in itself a next level of satsang sukh for me!! Can’t express!! Anand anand na fuvara inside at the moment! Its early morning 3 AM in UK now!

Mane evu feel thay che ke mane sakshatkar thayo 🙏🏻😇🙏🏻🤗🙏🏻 Adbhut adbhut!

Now here’s the dream:

It was Sarangpur, and i was going for darshan, in the morning darshan, when i saw murti…

Being Akshar-roop!

Did you ever wonder why we have the body? What’s so special that we need a body? Why we need to have a body when we are here on earth? Why?

Why not we still be invisible and do thing? If we have so much power to do things with body, we might have even more power without having a boundary of body? Why we have to be formed of a matter and can’t remain only of space?

We still can.. but its a tricky process to be there.

If I ask you, do you live a life…

The meaning….

During Mahant Swami Maharaj Bangalore Vichran May 2018. This part was played in front of Mahant Swami Maharaj on Bal Din Evening Sabha Program, 9 May 2018.

Theme: Bal Sabha in presence of Mahant Swami Maharaj

On Stage: Mahant Swami Maharaj was sitting in the centre on his sinhasan with Thakorji on his left and Bal Sabha was going on.

One Side Sanchalak and other side kids in 45 degree angle facing Mahant Swami Maharaj.

We just decided to get confirmation from Mahant Swami Maharaj himself on the actual meaning of “Askaharm Aham, Purushotam Dasoshmi” during one event…

Ketul Chauhan

Spiritual Being || Aeronautical Engineer || Photographer || Author || Blogger || Cook || Traveler || Thinker..

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